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The Most Common Repairs For Mini Coopers


Mini Coopers attract attention everywhere they go. These fun cars have been a favorite among car enthusiasts since they debuted back in 1959. Every owner must be aware of the most common repairs seen with these cars and what to look for that suggests the vehicle needs to head to a Mini Cooper repair shop

Automatic Transmission Problems

Early Mini Coopers were known for having problems with their automatic transmissions. In fact, a class action lawsuit was filed against the company because the problems were so widespread. The manufacturer claimed the transmission fluid never needed to be changed, but it must be replaced every 30,000 to 40,000 miles to extend the lifespan of the unit. Any owner of a Mini Cooper, particularly those made between 2000 and 2006, should visit Bimmer Performance Center to have the fluid changed and the transmission inspected to prevent damage to the unit. 

Clutch Problems

Individuals who spend a lot of time sitting in traffic often find the clutch in their Mini Cooper must be replaced. The cost of this Mini Cooper repair runs in thousands of dollars. Sadly, the only way to avoid having to replace the clutch regularly is to avoid sitting in heavy traffic, which many people cannot do. Have the car serviced immediately, as a failing clutch can be dangerous. 

Timing Chain Failure

Nobody wants to start their car up and hear a rattling noise from under the hood. This is particularly troublesome for Mini Cooper owners, as this is a sign the timing chain must be replaced. A metal timing chain should last the life of the vehicle, but it often doesn’t. When this chain becomes loose, other parts of the engine won’t be in sync. This can lead to major mechanical damage. In fact, the owner might find they need to replace the entire engine.

Fortunately, the cost of replacing the timing chain is only a few hundred dollars, so a driver should have this part inspected and replaced as needed. Request the timing chain be checked with every Mini Cooper oil change to ensure any problems are caught early with this component. 

Power Steering Pump Issues

It’s very frustrating when the vehicle doesn’t want to make a turn easily. This is often a sign of power steering pump failure. The pump may be low on fluid or it could be a problem with the cooling fan. Take the vehicle to a mechanic to have this problem repaired. The repair may even be covered under a manufacturer’s recall, which any driver will appreciate. They won’t need to pay to have the problem fixed. 

Reach out to Bimmer Performance Center when you need any work done on your Mini Cooper. Our mechanics have undergone training to ensure they can address any issue with your vehicle. We are your dealership alternative in the Triangle area and cannot wait to help you. 

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