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BMW Air Conditioning Repair

Most BMW owners feel their air conditioners are essential during the hot Raleigh summer months. Air conditioning systems keep the interior of a car much more comfortable. BMW vehicles offer extreme comfort to their owners. Air conditioners provide welcome relief from the onslaught of heat but can break down and cause problems. When BMW air conditioners fail, owners must know the signs and bring their vehicles to the right service center. 

Signs of Air Conditioner Failures

Vehicle air conditioners do not last forever. These systems have several components, and any can start to fail. Should owners notice the following signs, they need to call us for BMW air conditioning repair

  • The air conditioning system is making strange sounds during operation. Odd sounds could stem from a failing compressor. 
  • The system may start blowing out hot air instead of cold. Never run the AC when it is not producing cold air. 
  • Fluid leaks should never be ignored because they can signal malfunctions. Air conditioners must have refrigerant before they can operate safely. 
  • Clutches can become stuck and cause the AC system to stop working. If the clutch is not shutting off when the car is off, there is a problem. 
  • If the breaker keeps tripping, the AC is using too much power. Often, this is a sign of a compressor issue. Replacing the compressor could fix this issue. 
  • Damaged suction lines can cause AC systems to stop working abruptly. 

If BMW owners discover any of the issues above, they need to bring their vehicles in for an inspection. Here at Bimmer Performance Center, we specialize in servicing all models of BMW and Mini vehicles. We handle all BMW and Mini air conditioning repairs, get to the root of the issue, and offer appropriate repair services. 

Air Conditioning Diagnosis

Air conditioning diagnosis for BMWs climate control systems are best handled by professional technicians. The technician will determine answers to the following questions to begin the diagnostic process. 

  • Does the air conditioner blow out any air?
  • Does the air come out at full force?
  • Is the temperature of the air warm or cool?

We will perform a thorough diagnostic process for the air conditioning system to determine the problem. Our technicians will check each part and component to find any issues. Once we have pinpointed the problem, we will offer owners a thorough report and provide a cost estimate for the repairs. 

Automotive air conditioner repair panel

What Are the Common Causes of BMW AC System Failure?

There are several possible problems that can result in AC failure. Finding the source of the problem is essential and will help owners save time and money. The following are the common causes of AC system failure. If you notice these issues, you need BMW AC repair. 

  • Faulty air compressors are one of the most common problems associated with AC failure. 
  • Refrigerant leaks are also common in air conditioners. 
  • Belt problems can also cause AC systems to stop working. 

Rely On Our AC Services

Bimmer Performance Center is dedicated to providing our customers with the best AC repair services. We handle all BMW air conditioners and offer upfront pricing and transparency in our repairs.