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Diagnostics and Repair

Bimmer Performance Center is committed to meeting all of your BMW service and repair needs. We are fully trained in the highly-specialized technology of new BMW models and utilize the same factory software and diagnostic equipment as other licensed BMW dealerships.

Diagnostic Software

Our mechanics use diagnostic tests to determine the source of a problem. We employ these tests when examining the engine, brakes, exhaust, transmission, and more. It helps us figure out where to begin narrowing the problem and what solutions we should try. 

When completing these tests, we use genuine BMW diagnostic tools. These tools help us identify all problems with the vehicle. These factory tools not only give us a fault code, they will generate a test plan to follow to determine the root cause of the fault.  After these test plans are performed information that lets us know the frequency it has occurred, the conditions it was set under and if it is currently not present or not.  

Drivers can find these alerts very frustrating, as they don’t know which are valid alerts and which they can ignore. For example, the lamp malfunction error message may appear, although the driver knows they have resolved the issue. They then question whether the lamp is malfunctioning again or if the message can be ignored. 

The mechanic determines which messages need to be acted on and which are no longer valid. This provides the owner with peace of mind, as they know any messages that appear after all codes have been cleared are current and the vehicle needs attention. 

Upgrades to the Vehicle

In addition, the driver may receive an alert when they choose to upgrade the vehicle. When a new electronic part is added to a BMW, the vehicle needs coding. Without this coding, the system will display constant errors and the module won’t function properly. Our technicians can complete this coding, so the error message disappears and the module works as it should.

For more information regarding our diagnostic and repair services, continue reading below.


  • “Check engine” lights (fuel injection and ignition diagnosis)
  • Air leaks, lean/rich mixture, and O2 sensor faults
  • VANOS systems
  • Cam sensors, crank sensors, engine temp. sensors, and MAP thermostat
  • Failed emission tests
  • Alternator, battery, and charging systems
  • Body Electrical Systems Airbag systems (MRS and SRS lights)
  • Lighting systems, xenon systems, vehicle lighting, and interior lights
  • Climate control systems
  • Power windows, door locks, and remote locking
  • Power and heated seats
  • Convertible tops and sunroofs
  • Suspension & Power Steering
  • Steering and suspension ball joints and control arms
  • DSC / ABS Diagnostics
  • ABS/ASC/DSC lights (traction control and anti-lock braking systems)
  • Transmission and AC / Cooling System Service
  • Vanos System Service
Diagnostics Test

Additional Services

Owners might find they need additional services related to BMW diagnostics and repair of their vehicles. We are happy to assist with these services.

Contact us for key fob deactivation. No owner wants to purchase a BMW secondhand and find it was stolen because somebody had an enabled fob they didn’t know about. With BMW key fob deactivation, this concern can be laid to rest. We do the same for customers who lose a key fob and must purchase a new one.

Owners must register a new battery with BMW. Doing so maintains the longevity and endurance of the charging system. We handle this coding on behalf of customers, so it doesn’t have to be done at the dealership. This process adjusts the vehicle to the specifications of the new battery to extend its lifespan and prevent it from being overcharged.

Visit our BMW Repair Raleigh facility for other repair and diagnostic tasks. We help customers who wish to disable the auto start-stop feature and those who want to benefit from BMW Sport+. Our goal is to handle any task you need to have done quickly and properly.

Regardless of what job we take on, you can feel confident knowing we are using the same tools and resources found at a BMW dealership. Our prices are better and our BMW service and repair are outstanding. Make us your BMW dealership alternative today. You will love our work.