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Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Save money before you buy- have Bimmer Performance Center perform a highly-detail oriented pre-purchase vehicle inspection that may impact purchasing decisions. A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is meant to identify any concerns that may impact the value of the vehicle in question. We have professional BMW equipment needed to properly diagnose and examine all components of your potential new vehicle- from under the hood to under the vehicle itself. To schedule your next pre-purchase inspection, contact us today.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Performing a pre-purchase vehicle inspection is highly recommended when deciding which BMW is right for you.  We have the knowledge and experience needed to identify potential areas of concern with pre-owned BMW’s.


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Why Have a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

This detailed assessment provides information about any issues with the vehicle. Our inspector examines the car from bumper to bumper to identify cosmetic, safety, and mechanical concerns. Our mechanic is familiar with the make and model of the auto and will ensure they notice everything. This knowledge allows them to spot potential problems and maintenance shortcomings. With the inspection, you learn about safety problems and issues you may need to correct following the purchase.

When Should You Request a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Request a pre-purchase inspection at our BMW Raleigh service center when you plan to buy a vehicle without a warranty. This inspection is also beneficial when the car you want to buy is in a different city or state.

You assume all risk if the vehicle doesn’t have a warranty. It may break down or have mechanical issues days or weeks after the purchase. You become responsible for the repair costs without this warranty. The inspection helps identify parts at risk of failing. The pre-purchase inspection expense can help you save money.

If the vehicle is in Raleigh and you live in another city or state, you cannot take it for a test drive. Call and have our BMW service center complete the pre-purchase inspection and provide a detailed report of the car’s condition. This inspection ensures the vehicle is worth the price the seller is asking. The information in our report is also beneficial when negotiating with the seller.

Who Does the Pre-Purchase Inspection?

A buyer can have any qualified mechanic perform a pre-purchase inspection. However, when purchasing a BMW, you want someone knowledgeable about these cars.

BMW pre-purchase inspections completed by our mechanic will identify problems other mechanics might overlook. Our center also has professional BMW equipment. This equipment allows us to find potential issues, including those under the hood and vehicle.

What Should This Pre-Purchase Inspection Include?

The industry has yet to come up with a standard for pre-purchase inspections. You may find a service center offering this inspection at a lower cost. However, you must know what they inspect to ensure you get a fair deal.

Our mechanics do a comprehensive examination of the vehicle. We focus on the details rather than giving the car a quick visual inspection. With our help, you know about all potential problems with the car. You can then decide whether you want to purchase the vehicle or continue looking.

Who Pays for the Pre-Purchase Inspection?

The buyer pays for this inspection. You might wonder if it is worth the cost. Imagine purchasing a vehicle only to find you must replace the engine within a few weeks or months of this purchase. The engine replacement will run thousands of dollars.

Our mechanic looks for issues that suggest the engine is in danger of failing. They also look for minor problems that could cost hundreds of dollars to repair. Consider this when determining whether to pay the pre-purchase inspection cost. You will find this cost is significantly less than the cost of many repairs.

Contact us today to set up your pre-purchase inspection. Our mechanics will examine the car and ensure it is worth the asking price. We will also share when we feel the car is not a good buy, as we want you to get value for your money. With our help and the pre-purchase inspection, you do.