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Meet the team of BMW Master Certified technicians at Bimmer Performance Center! We ensure service with a smile and guarantee that you will be back on the road in no time. Stop in and see us today.

Daniel Connor


Dan is a Certified BMW Master Technician with full BMW Factory Training in all new models. Daniel opened Bimmer Performance Center LLC to meet the needs of BMW owners seeking a comprehensive dealer alternative for BMW service and repair. Daniel’s years of experience with major BMW dealerships in multiple states has equipped him with the knowledge needed to resolve even the most complex BMW technical problems. 

Daniel has a certificate in Aviation Maintenance from Lewis University and has worked at Chicago O’Hare and United Airlines, but he long ago discovered his true passion was for BMW. After graduating as valedictorian of his class at Universal Technical Institute, he was accepted into the BMW STEP program and trained eight hours a day for seven months strictly on BMWs. 

After three years working for Bill Jacobs BMW in Illinois, Daniel, decided to move to Raleigh in 2005 to get away from the big city and cold weather. Daniel’s experience with the major Raleigh BMW dealership brings a combined total of 15 years of professional BMW experience to Bimmer Performance Center LLC.


General Manager

Josh began his career with BMW in 2000, as a Master Level Technician for a dealership in Memphis, TN after completing the BMW STEP training program.  From there, he has worked at multiple dealerships between Raleigh, NC and Sarasota, FL, serving in multiple roles such as parts, service advisor as well as service manager over a Lamborghini franchise.  

He loves BMWs so much, he has two! A 335d for a daily driver, and a 330i for the track. In his spare time, you will find him working on computers and growing ridiculously hot peppers.

Chris Warren

Shop Foreman

18+ Years BMW Only Experience / Lamborghini dealership 3 years.

Justin Thompson


My passion for BMWs started when I began my first training class. I enjoyed learning about the brand. Hearing about a company so small with such attention to detail was second to none. 

My first BMW experience was the first time I got behind the wheel of an E60 M5 SMG. It was turned all the way up and just going. It was an amazing feeling of power and the pure performance. 

I am a factory trained BMW master tech with advanced diagnostic certifications. I am also trained as a dynamometer operator.

I choose BPC for my career because I wanted to be in the forefront of performance and having the spotless record for a premium service experience. My favorite part of my job is taking care of our customers and putting them first. Our customers make our company successful. Without our customers we would not be where we are today. 



Wes Headshot

BMW Only Dealership experience starting from June 2006 in Raleigh, North Carolina. From there, Wes went on to 2 years at a Colorado BMW dealer, Moving north, Wes worked 2 more years for BMW in Illinois, and then made his way back to Raleigh NC to work at BPC. Wes holds his MACS Certified EPA 609 on 6/22/2006.

Wes joined the BPC team after Dan reached out to him and asked if we was interested in joining the team. He was interested in the freedom BPC offered versus the dealer(s). He enjoys seeing the improvements first hand that his work offers to customers and the shop. Wes loves meeting people that have similar interests. His personal garage includes a 2011 BMW E90 Diesel – BPC Stage 2, a 1988 BMW E30 M3 Clone and a 2010 Toyota Tacoma on a 6” lift. 

Student of Course (SOC)

  • Automotive Power Trains
  • Automotive Undercar
  • Electronic Technology
  • Fuel and Ignition Systems
  • Drivability and Emissions
  • Electronic Diagnostic Systems

BMW North America Technical Training Courses Completed:

  • ST 050 – Technical Systems
  • ST 051 – Body Electronics 1
  • ST 401 – Body Electronics 2
  • ST 402 – Body Electronics 3
  • ST 054 – Climate Control
  • ST 055 – Engine Electronics
  • ST 056 – Chassis Dynamics
  • ST 057 – Electronic Transmission Control
  • ST 403 – Passive Safety Systems
  • ST 406 – Coding and Programming
  • ST 501 – New Engine Technology
  • ST 608 – X Drive Dynamics
  • ST 609 – Motorsport Technology
  • ST 1210 – Diesel Technology
  • ST 041 – M3 Complete Vehicle
  • ST 037 – M5 Complete Vehicle
  • ST 502 – E90 Complete Vehicle
  • ST 701 – E93 Complete Vehicle
  • ST 064 – E63/E64 Complete Vehicle
  • ST 442 – E65 Complete Vehicle
  • ST 710 – E71/X6 Complete Vehicle
  • ST 1113 – F30 Complete Vehicle
  • Rod Bearing Seizure
  • Corner Weight Balance
  • Race Car Alignments
  • Leith BMW – 7 Years
  • CO’s BMW – 3 Years
  • Bill Jacobs BMW – 2 Years

Steven Robertson

Motorsports Division – Technician & Engine Builder

Steven is BPC’s head engine builder, and has 4 years of BMW dealership experience. He started out at an auto diesel college in Nashville, TN and progressed to graduating from BMW STEP program.

He made his way to Raleigh’s major BMW dealership where he met Dan and developed a friendship. Steven avidly supports BPC shop car’s during track events, and drives a pretty awesome ZHP E46. Steven also services and maintains vintage BMW’s from 2002’s to E30’s.

His wealth of BMW knowledge and experience is shared with all those he meets. Like many of the other technicians Steven goes above and beyond to help others.

ZacH Hacker


My passion for BMWs started in 2015 when I was still in high school and had the opportunity to work on GTS3/4 BMW race cars. I enjoyed being able to drive and ride in customer cars as I worked on them.

My training with BMWs was formalized with the BPC training program. I choose to work with BPC because of their expert knowledge and the fact that I would be working along side expert technicians. I love working on cars in general and the build quality of BMW makes it a much more pleasurable experience and career.

Keyona Littlejohn

Service Advisor

Keyona BPC 2

My passion for BMWs began once I started working for BPC and learning more about the BMW lifestyle. My first time behind a BMW wheel was in a 2011 M-Sport 335d.

I have 1 year of experience so far with BMW service and enjoyed the BPC training program. The owner of BPC, Dan, scouted me for this position and it was the best decision I have made career wise yet 😊.

I enjoyed my job and the knowledge behind it all. We have some smart guys working on some pretty smart cars. These guys know what they are doing and have an honest way of doing it.

Jason Garza

Service Advisor

My passion began at my first service shop. I ended up helping out in the shop on a day we were short-handed, performing A routine service and service to a coolant concern. From there it was known that a lot of the interaction I had with my BMW customers needed little extra attention to their vehicle, something most shops lose sight of.

My first BMW experience was performing oil service. I was also a service advisor at the time. At that time the customer has no idea of important services that his car needing and I was the one to bring them to his attention, and it turned saved him from potentially needing a new engine. This was the driving force of wanting to make sure every customer from there on out had a good multi point inspection and explained items needed or items due.

 My training with BMW began with working and advising on German/ European Vehicles in general. In the past, I worked at service shops that dealt with Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes And BMW. My training with BPC began with listening to the trustworthy technicians we have and completing Elite Masters courses for service advising.

Working for BPC was an opportunity to further my services in helping others. The enjoyment I receive is from the services I help to provide. Ultimately, it all goes back to giving customers the satisfaction that they are getting the best service provided when it comes to BMW. Knowing we are a one-stop shop is important to me. I enjoy knowing we have the best technicians that a service shop can provide.p

Hunter Minton

Part Sales 

My passion began back in 2014. My first BMW was a fully modified N54 335i. I enjoyed the style, and the design inside and out. My training includes the BPC parts training program as well as in depth research of BMW OEM Guidelines

I chose to work with BPC because i enjoy coming to work with people who share the same passion and want to succeed as much as everyone else. I enjoy being able to learn something new every day and share my knowledge with others and overall. I find gratitude in working for this company and coworkers who have a drive and determination similar to mine. I take pride in their work that I do and enjoy surrounding myself with like-minded coworkers.

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