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The Advantages of Professional BMW Repair Services


BMW owners often wonder if they should take their cars to a dealership or visit an independent shop. They wonder if the mechanics at the independent shop are trained to fix their vehicles. There are many reasons a person should choose an independent mechanic over one at a dealership. The following serve as four of these reasons. 

Avoid Costly Repairs

Regular servicing helps to keep repair costs down. However, the average mechanic may overlook things with a BMW, as they deal with many makes of vehicles every day. A trained BMW mechanic, in contrast, finds problems that may not be obvious. In fact, the driver might not know there is anything wrong with their car, but the mechanic can spot minor issues before they become major repairs with high bills. This allows the driver to save money and keep their vehicle on the road more. Bimmer Performance Center helps drivers with all of their BMW vehicle needs. 

A Personal Relationship

When a driver visits an independent mechanic trained to work on BMWs rather than a dealer, they get to know the people working in the shop. These are their neighbors and they can communicate directly with the service advisor and the mechanic. Often, the owner is in the shop, so the driver meets them as well. As there is less turnover in smaller shops, the mechanics get to know the car and when a BMW repair is needed. This helps to build trust and allows the driver to feel confident. They know the work is being done right, as everyone working in the shop wants to maintain the relationship. They won’t recommend unnecessary repairs or try to sell expensive add-ons, as they know what the driver wants and needs in their car.  

Cost Savings

Industry experts agree drivers spend less when they take their vehicles to an independent shop for BMW repair and maintenance. In fact, the Car Talk Guys and Consumer Reports both recommend choosing an independent mechanic trained to work on BMWs charges less than dealerships. A person could save up to 40 percent by going this route. A person might assume this is because the mechanics have less experience or their work is inferior. That is not the case. The higher prices charged by the dealership help to cover the overhead, as these facilities have large waiting areas, they advertise more, and they must maintain the vehicle showroom. 

Faster Service

A driver who takes their car to an independent mechanic often finds they spend less time waiting around for the vehicle. They won’t need to wait in line with other customers to talk to the service advisor or pay for the work. If they want the car checked, they can have this done quickly and easily at the independent shop, and the shop is more likely to get them in at the scheduled time.

The independent mechanic knows the value of a customer. Dealerships often treat people as if they are nothing more than a number and can be easily replaced. That isn’t the case with independent shops. They put the customer first, as they understand it costs less to keep a customer than to get a new one. Their marketing funds remain limited, so they treat customers with respect and value their time. 

The mechanics at Bimmer know BMWs and will ensure they do the work right. The shop focuses only on this make, so customers know the mechanics understand their ride. This gives them confidence while allowing the driver to get the benefits mentioned above. Visit the shop today to meet the mechanics and learn more about how the shop can be of help in keeping any BMW on the road. 

About Bimmer Performance Center:

Bimmer Performance Center brings over 75 years of combined experience to each customer transaction. The facility serves as the premier shop for BMW owners, as this is the only make the mechanics work on. The team repairs all mechanical issues with BMW models, using the same equipment found in BMW dealerships today.