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Should I Upgrade My BMW Speakers?


BMW owners are a dedicated group of people and they expect the best performance from their vehicles from the engine to the tires, to the speakers, and more. In the good, better, and best categories are the car sound system and speakers. Should you stick with the factory speakers or go for better sound with an upgrade with Bavsound and Bimmertech products for the ultimate car sound system? BMW owners in the Raleigh, North Carolina area can go to the Bimmer Performance Center for advice and help.

Do You Want to Replace the BMW Sound System?

The factory radio and speakers are perfectly good and many BMW owners are happy with the sound quality as is. In that case, drive your BMW listening to the radio in good health and enjoy. If you want to improve the sound down the line, you can do that too. Stop in at our Bimmer Performance Center and talk to one of our experts about the advantages of upgrading and the costs involved.

You do not have to replace the whole system, you can replace only the radio or only the speakers and see if the sound is what you want. You might want to try replacing one part of the sound system and see how you like the result. The beauty of these sound system upgrades is that they do not require tearing up the BMW interior or doing a bunch of rewiring. They are designed for easy installation and high impact.

How to Upgrade a BMW Sound System

BMW owners who want the best sound system in their favorite car can choose to purchase the parts and install them themselves or they can have the experts install their new bmw speakers and other audio upgrades. You can have the whole system upgraded at one time or you can build the perfect system in stages as money becomes available.

There Are Five Steps to the Complete Sound System Upgrade:

  1. The factory radio can be replaced with several types of receivers or radios including Pandora Internet radio, an HD Radio station, one that plays music from your iPod or CD collection, or a receiver with built-in Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling. These receivers or radios help you get more power and better sound from the car speakers.
  2. New BMW speakers. Improved aftermarket speakers can be added even if you are keeping the factory radio and will give you better sound. You can get speakers for the front doors first, and then get the speakers for the back doors.
  3. The next step is to add more power with an amplifier. An amplifier will bring out the clarity and details of the music you play. A four-channel amp is needed for both front and rear speaker setups.
  4. A subwoofer will add depth and bass to the music. You need to match the subwoofer to the amplifier you have already installed.
  5. If you want even more big bass sound from the subwoofer, you can add a dedicated mono amp.

You do not have to add all five components to your sound system. You can plan a sound system that suits your needs and budget. With Bavsound speakers, you can improve the sound from the factory radio to get smooth, natural music from your audio system. You can go a step further and replace the radio as well, for an even better sound. 

Replacing Your Speakers

You can install your new speakers yourself in a few easy steps. First, you remove your door panels and then you unplug the factory speakers and then plug in your new speakers. Replace the door panels and be prepared to enjoy great sound. You can get the new speakers installed by our Bimmer Performance Center experts and not worry about doing it yourself.

Bimmertech sound system components are of the highest quality and when installed by sound engineers they can be tweaked to make the perfect audio system for every BMW owner. Our technicians can tailor the sound system to the individual BMW model and the customer’s preferences.

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