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Prepare Your BMW For Fall


Drivers need to consider the seasons when it comes to maintaining their cars. The weather affects vehicles in ways a person often can’t imagine. By inspecting the car or having this work carried out by a mechanic, a driver will know they are safe when behind the wheel. What tasks should be completed with fall approaching? 

Check the Tires

Tires need to be properly inflated. If they aren’t, they create unnecessary drag on the car, which leads to increased fuel consumption. In addition, under-inflated tires lead to much of the debris found on roadways today. 

What many people don’t realize is tires that aren’t properly inflated create more heat when driven at high speeds. They account for many vehicle fires today. Avoid these problems by checking the tire pressure every season, if not more often. 

Newer BMWs come with the iDrive system, which alerts drivers to low tire pressure. However, a person will need to check the tire pressure manually in older models. Doing so isn’t difficult.

Read the owner’s manual for the recommended tire pressure. Check the tire pressure when the BMW tires are cold. Warm tires won’t provide accurate tire pressure measurements. 

If the pressure is low, visit a gas station that offers free air. Remove the valve stem cap on the first tire. Use the gauge to measure the tire pressure and add air if the pressure is low. If the pressure is high, release some air. Replace the stem cap, and repeat for the other three tires.

Bimmer Performance Center is happy to complete this task for customers if a person doesn’t feel comfortable doing it on their own. 

Test the Defroster and Windshield Wiper Blades

A person must be able to see clearly when behind the wheel of their vehicle. To do so, they need to know the windshield wipers and defroster work. Test both before cooler weather arrives to ensure they operate as intended. 

If they don’t work as expected, take the vehicle in for a BMW repair. The technician will inspect the vents and electrical wiring to determine if that is where the problem lies. They can also replace the wiper blades and top off the washer fluid if needed. 

Have the Suspension Examined

Take the car in for BMW maintenance and ask the technician to inspect the suspension system. This system connects the vehicle body and wheel assembly while transmitting forces generated by friction between the wheel and the road to the body. One bad part can negatively affect the vehicle’s performance on the road. 

A driver is more at risk of an accident when they don’t know how the vehicle will respond to their input. The technician can examine this system and identify any parts that are worn and in danger of failing. Prompt action is essential when it comes to the vehicle’s suspension to avoid accidents on the road. 

Replace the Air Filter

The air filter in a vehicle collects pollutants. During the summer months, it gathers pollen. This can impact the performance of the vehicle and decrease both airflow and horsepower. Have the filter replaced to avoid these issues. 

Test the Battery

Always test the battery when the seasons change to ensure it has the proper charge. Cold weather is hard on batteries, and a person doesn’t want to find they are stranded when the temperature drops. Look for any corrosion, dirt, and grime on the battery when testing the charge, as these can be warning signs. 

Keep jumper cables in the trunk for a quick fix if the battery dies. A driver can never be too prepared if something goes wrong with the vehicle. 

Never put off vehicle maintenance. Visit the mechanic regularly to ensure the car remains safe to drive, and always pay attention to alerts from the iDrive system. If the vehicle feels different in any way, it’s best to learn what the problem is. This ensures those using the car and others on the road remain safe at all times. 

About Bimmer Performance Center

Drivers in the North Carolina area turn to Bimmer Performance Center when they desire a dealer alternative but want to ensure their car will be properly handled. All work is completed by Certified BMW Master Technicians when a driver brings their car to us, and this is the only make we work on. Our years of dealership experience and BMW factory diagnostic and testing equipment ensure the job is done right.