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Common BMW Issues and How to Repair Them

BMW owners are familiar with a variety of issues that could emerge while owning prestigious automobiles. They know it is critical to take action at the first sign of these issues and get their cars to a repair shop without delays. However, someone who is new to BMW ownership isn’t aware of these common problems and must learn about the signs of these problems.

Auto repair professionals can provide the owners with sound advice about decreasing the risks of these issues and keeping the automobile on the road. If a sudden problem emerges, the mechanics can perform a variety of tests and identify the right steps for repairing the car. They will also provide a full estimate for the owner. 

Coolant System Failures

The coolant systems in BMW are a common issue that owners could experience if they do not have the vehicle serviced more frequently. Statistics show that the most common time in which the system could fail is after the automobile has reached at least 80,000 miles but not more than 120,000. The vehicle owner must stay on task when setting up BMW maintenance. They should maintain a regular schedule throughout the lifespan of their vehicle and ensure that the coolant system is operating appropriately and has adequate amounts of coolant. 

Fuel Pump Issues

A defective high pressure fuel pump will hinder acceleration, cause engine stuttering and will exhibit a long extended crank when starting. The auto owner should take their BMW to the auto repair shop to get diagnostics and determine if their fuel pump is causing issues. The high pressure causes engine damage, and a mechanic could install a new fuel pump to balance out the pressure and ensure that the gas flows where it is needed. 

Electric Window Control Malfunctions

If the electric window controls malfunction, the owner won’t be able to close the windows. This is a persistent issue with BMW vehicles. It presents serious risks to the interior of the vehicle if it rains or snows, and the owner cannot close their windows.

The security risks of opened windows include auto theft or criminal vandalism. If the window controls fail, the BMW owner must bring it into their preferred auto repair shop to replace the switches and restore their ability to open and close their windows properly. 


Sudden Issues With the Heater Core

Overheating could lead to issues with the heater core, and it could be the cause of the failing component. The first sign of failure is a sugar cane smell coming from the heater vents or the sudden presence of coolant leaking into the floorboard on the passenger side of the vehicle. If the heater core has failed, the engine will not remain at the correct temperature, and the owner is at risk of more damage if they drive the car. 

Under the circumstances, the coolant will leak out of the coolant system and overheat the engine. If the driver doesn’t stop at the first sign of overheating, they could damage their engine severely. They must go to their preferred auto repair shop and get the heater core replaced and the coolant levels restored.  


Electrical Problems and Dead Batteries

BMW automobiles have a history of electrical problems, and unfortunately, these electrical problems affect the batteries negatively. The auto owner will need to set up electrical repairs at the first sign of problems, or they may have to replace the battery too frequently.  


Where to Get BMW Auto Repairs 

Bimmer Performance Center offers exceptional auto repair services for all BMW owners in their service area. We are a full-service provider offering auto inspections, repairs, routine maintenance, and upgrades as needed. Bimmer has an extraordinary history of excellence and guarantees all its auto services. BMW owners can learn more about setting up BMW repair for common problems by contacting us for an appointment right now. 

Auto repair specialists can provide advice and recommendations if an automobile isn’t running as expected. They can also provide full estimates and complete auto repair services. Our mechanics also follow maintenance instructions according to the manufacturer’s warranty and help the owner maintain their coverage. When an issue arises, the auto owner should set up an appointment with their preferred repair shop. 

BMW owners should act quickly at the first sign of an auto issue, and it’s best to set up services with a dedicated auto repair shop. By bringing their automobile in for routine maintenance and diagnostic testing, owners can decrease the risk of common issues and keep their cars on the road longer.