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Why You Shouldn’t DIY The Maintenance On Your BMW


Performing regular maintenance on a BMW can save owners plenty of money in the long run. For those BMW owners who love to get their hands greasy under the hood, performing do-it-yourself repairs and maintenance work seems like a great way to save on the cost of the vehicle’s upkeep. However, DIY maintenance is not always a great idea, and people can quickly find themselves involved in a project that is way over their heads. 

BMWs are fine-tuned machines that are a dream to drive when they are in perfect working condition. Fans of this make of car are going to be compelled to fix any issues that crop up as soon as possible. Owners need to understand that there’s more to BMW repair than what the average car may call for, so keep reading to find out the reasons to avoid DIY on a BMW. 

Warranties: The Devil Is In The Details

Purchasing a car is an exciting event. It is not uncommon for people to gloss over the warranty terms when they are signing the mountain of paperwork that stands between them and their new ride. However, the terms of the warranty should be reviewed before popping the hood on the car and tinkering with what’s inside. 

The reason is that factory and dealership warranties often come with stipulations about getting routine maintenance from qualified service shops. If owners can’t prove their car had regular interval oil changes, they may be out of luck should they need to use that warranty later. 

DIY Repairs Do Not Come With A Quality Guarantee

There is a level of mechanical and safety knowledge that a person must have to perform BMW maintenance. Auto mechanics go through extensive training that teaches them the skills, techniques, and safety measures they need to take to complete any maintenance or repair. When BMW owners take matters into their own hands, they are likely taking safety risks they are unaware of, and they are not guaranteed to get quality work done on their vehicle. 

Having The Right Tools On Hand

An important aspect of high-quality auto service is having the right tools. Certain repairs and maintenance procedures call for tools that most people don’t have. BMW owners who attempt to fix their vehicles themselves might end up getting deep into a project only to find that they lack a tool they need or don’t even know what tool they are supposed to use. 

The Costs Of DIY Are Not Always Lower

Many times, people who work on their own vehicles are doing so because they want to avoid the high cost of repairs. However, avoiding the up-front cost of professional BMW services from a qualified repair shop like Bimmer Performance Center often means spending more to fix it again later. Rather than saving money by doing the work on their own, the vehicle owner doubles up on the cost by having to revisit the same issue over and over.

Time Is Money

Auto mechanics spend years learning and perfecting their craft. BMW owners who want to work on their car themselves will have to invest just as much time into it if they want to do it right. For anyone who isn’t already a mechanic, the time and energy it takes to learn to fix their BMW the right way are probably not worth the minimal savings they get from doing the work themselves. 

Never DIY These Repairs On A BMW

Car enthusiasts are almost always tempted to tinker with their vehicle at some point. However, even if they have the desire to change their oil on their own, there are some things that BMW owners should never do themselves. These include the following.

  • Engine work. Engines are heavy, complex pieces of machinery that must be constructed perfectly to work efficiently and safely. Fixing an engine with a blown gasket or other major issue is far too risky for a novice BMW enthusiast.
  • Transmission work. Transmissions are one of the most complicated pieces of machinery in a car. The transmission is mounted to the engine, so even removing it to start making repairs is a major project. This is best left to a professional auto mechanic.
  • Suspension work. Removing and replacing parts of a BMW’s suspension might seem like an easy job, but it is actually both complicated and time-consuming. Doing this work the right way requires specialized tools that are usually only kept on hand by professional mechanics. 

Many people are tempted to work on their BMWs. Whether it is to save money or out of personal interest, the temptation to pop the hood and try to fix a problem can be strong. However, to avoid major issues or huge repair costs, it is usually best to take the car to a trained auto mechanic. 

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