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Why Use a BMW Auto Repair Shop vs. a Dealership


BMW owners want to ensure their investment in the vehicle remains protected. For this reason, they often turn to a BMW dealership when they need work done on their car. However, before making a call to the dealership, consider the benefits of using an independent repair shop. What are these benefits?

Less Expensive Repairs

When a customer visits Bimmer Performance Center to have work done on their car, they find the repairs are less costly. This may lead to the customer questioning the quality of the work or the parts. However, the team uses the same parts used at dealerships. The reason they are able to charge less for the parts is they get them at a lower cost. 

In addition, the independent shop can offer customers parts from other manufacturers. This isn’t the case with the dealership. Furthermore, dealerships charge higher hourly rates. This leads to more expensive repair bills. 

Personalized Service

Dealerships deal with countless cars each day. In addition, they tend to have high employee turnover. As a result, the mechanics don’t get to know their customers. Most interactions involve the customer and the service advisor at the dealership. This isn’t the case with an independent shop. 

When an owner visits an independent BMW Raleigh, NC shop, they often get to speak to the mechanic. The information they share about the car doesn’t go through a middleman. As a result, the mechanic gets to know the vehicle owner and what they expect from their car. This allows them to provide more personalized car care, which owners are certain to appreciate. 

High-Quality Work

Owners want to know if their BMW repair will resolve the problem. They don’t want their car to end up in the shop the following week. They also don’t want to find themselves sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Independent shop owners recognize this. 

They provide high-quality work, as they want the customers to return when they need additional work done on their car. They recognize it is cheaper to keep an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. Dealerships don’t share these concerns, as they know they have a steady stream of consumers buying this make of vehicle. This means they always have new people coming into the dealership for service or repairs. 

If your BMW is in need of service, make an appointment today. The team repairs engines and other internal components so the vehicle can get back on the road quickly. Individuals know the work is done right when they visit our service center. In addition, they save money by choosing an independent shop rather than a dealership. The team takes great pride in the work they do and they ensure the customer experience is excellent in every way. Make the call today for outstanding service in every way. 

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