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Tips To Identify Transmission Leaks In A BMW


Many BMW owners are proud of their cars and keep up with maintenance to ensure optimum performance from that vehicle. From the engine to the transmission and tires, keeping up with car maintenance is crucial for ensuring top performance. Discover a few savvy tips to identify transmission leaks in a BMW to keep moving on the road with confidence.

Moving Forward Matters

A working transmission propels a BMW forward on the road. In vehicles, the transmission is required to transform the energy created by the engine into torque to make the wheels turn and gears change. The transmission connects the engine and wheels, making the car run as intended.

A transmission is supposed to last as long as the car itself but requires maintenance to perform optimally. Much like checking the oil in an engine, car owners also must check the transmission fluid. Leaks and other problems with the transmission fluid are leading reasons for transmission failure. Understanding how the transmission functions is the first step toward success.

Signs Of A Transmission Problem

Nobody wants to wind up stuck on the road because of a transmission problem. With that in mind, always know the signs of a problem to fix it before it becomes worse and more expensive to repair. For example, if the transmission gets stuck in one gear and refuses to shift, the car needs repair. Other signs of a problem include gear slipping, a malfunction message on the dash, fault codes, the engine doesn’t change its RPS reading, overheating, making noise in neutral, or the check engine light going on. Additionally, if the user has difficulty making gear changes, there is a transmission problem. 

Check The Fluid

Once a driver determines the transmission is functioning improperly, it’s time to find out more about the issue. One of the first things to do is check the transmission fluid to see if it is low. The transmission needs fluid to remain lubricated and reduce the temperature when the vehicle changes gears. The fluid gets low because of a leak or if it reaches the end of its usual lifespan. The fluid should be checked every six months to maintain a proper level and allow the owner to determine if there are any leaks.

Where Are The Leaks?

If the BMW is using more transmission fluid than it should, it could be a sign of a leak. A BMW has various gaskets and seals to keep the fluid in the transmission. As the car gets older, the gaskets and seals may fail and cause a leak. Sometimes, the leak is internal, and other times the driver might see drops on the ground under the BMW. If the liquid on the ground smells sweet and is red or pink, it is a sign of a transmission leak. Oil is usually a brownish color, so the driver will instantly know the difference. 

Check The Filter

There is a filter in a BMW’s transmission system to catch grime and dirt that could circulate into the car. Over time, the filter might get clogged, and fluid will not be able to pass through it. As a result, it will seem like the fluid is low even if there is enough in the system. Replacing the filter as necessary is crucial to keep the transmission operating smoothly and avoid any problems such as breakdowns that require an emergency BMW repair in Raleigh NC.

Look For A Drip

Most fluid leaks are spotted near the leaking component, which means transmission fluid will drip out of the vehicle and create a puddle under the transmission. If transmission fluid is dripping, the transmission is likely leaking. The fluid is a distinctive pink or red hue that is sure to stand out from any other fluids on the ground. If you see a pool forming beneath your BMW, it’s time to schedule an appointment to check the BMW diagnostics

Nobody wants to get stuck because of a transmission leak. Routine maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure the care continues to operate smoothly. Always check for leaks, and take care of problems right away to keep going forward. 

The experts at Bimmer Performance Center in Raleigh NC have the experience and knowledge to keep your BMW running smoothly for years to come. Our team has the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to repair any internal issue. Contact Bimmer Performance Center today to find out more about keeping your BMW in the best possible running condition at all times.