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Things to Know Before a BMW Pre-Purchase Inspection


When purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, buyers are often concerned about making a poor decision. Although there are reports available on many vehicles, they do not tell the full story of how well a vehicle has been maintained. With a pre-purchase inspection, buyers will be able to rest assured the vehicle they are purchasing does not turn out to be a lemon. 

What Is Involved in This Inspection?

Searching for a good used car is not always easy. Cars are expensive and finding one that meets a buyer’s budget and needs can be stressful. A full car inspection is an essential part of purchasing a used car. A certified mechanic conducts a full inspection of the car, just like a home inspection is carried out before a buyer purchases a home. 

Car inspections cover all of the important aspects of a car, including its engine, transmission, and braking system. With the information gleaned from this report, buyers are armed with the information they need for making the right purchase decision. 

Understanding the Benefits of a Car Inspection

A car inspection reveals a lot about the maintenance a vehicle has received over the years. Has the car had regular oil changes? Have there been any major repairs carried out? These questions are answered with a thorough inspection. 

Getting a PPI helps to mitigate some of the risks involved in purchasing a used vehicle. This report ensures buyers will know they are purchasing a vehicle that is worthy of the price and will not become a big headache for them down the road. Purchasing a vehicle without this thorough report could become an expensive burden for a buyer. 

How Much Does a PPI Cost?

A pre-purchase report can range in price. For BMWs, the price normally hovers around $150 to $300. Considering most used BMWs cost around $20,000, this is a small price to pay for peace of mind when making a purchase. 

To those who are wondering if a PPI is worth the cost, the answer is a resounding yes. Paying for a PPI is a fairly affordable way to ensure a vehicle is viable and will be worth the purchase price. A buyer would not be very responsible if they chose to purchase a pre-owned vehicle without learning as much about it as possible. 

Reasons Buyers Should Seek a PPI

Buyers who are in the market for a pre-owned BMW need to ensure they are aware of every important detail regarding their potential purchase. Blindly purchasing a used vehicle can be disastrous. The following are some of the reasons a buyer should seek a thorough PPI before making a vehicle purchase. 

  • This report gives full details of everything a buyer needs to know about a vehicle. A buyer could never perform this type of check without the knowledge, tools, and equipment a certified mechanic offers.
  • Buyers will rest assured their needs will be fulfilled by a vehicle purchase. No PPI should be conducted without first talking with the potential buyer and understanding their needs. Keeping the buyer’s needs in mind will allow the inspector to take a targeted approach to check the vehicle. 
  • A buyer will also learn about any damages that may not be noticeable. Certified mechanics have a high level of knowledge after devoting years to their craft. Should a buyer attempt to purchase a vehicle without knowing about this damage, they could be putting their lives in danger. 
  • These vehicle reports can potentially save buyers thousands of dollars. With these inspections, buyers may be able to avoid BMW repair costs which can often be expensive. 

What to Expect From a PPI?

When a buyer is purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, they should rely on a trusted mechanic to perform the inspection. After the inspection is complete, a buyer can expect to receive a thorough report that contains multiple pages of information. The report should be highly detailed, offering information on all components, from bumper to bumper. Once a buyer has access to this information, they may decide to pass on the car or negotiate with the seller for a price reduction due to repair needs. 

While it does add to the cost of purchasing a vehicle and is time-consuming, car enthusiasts and mechanics agree these are services every buyer should seek before making any used vehicle purchase, whether from a dealership or a private individual. Having access to the information in the report makes buying a used vehicle safer. 

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