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BPC S62 Swapped E30


A friend of ours had an 1984 E30 318i Coupe bare chassis laying around and decided to give it to us as a shop/project car. We decided build a homage to the greatest E30 ever made the E30 M3. With engines, drivetrains and body panels scarce we took everything we knew and built the baddest E30. We knew that we wanted to make this special and make it a working/ rolling showcase of what we can do as a shop. This was our first project. Having thought about options we decided to do something different. We thought a v8 in a lightweight, small package would just scream fun and make it a contender at track events. We knew that M motors were abundant but had already been done before. To go in a different direction we landed on the M60. The M60 we choose came from a E34 540i. Believe it or not, the v8 M60 actually weighs 80lbs less than a S54 and is a shorter engine. This will help with helping the vehicle stay 50/50 weight distribution. With an M60 sourced we refreshed the entire engine with new gaskets and seals. To make it stand out we had the valve covers painted BPC blue. Being BMW enthusiasts and staying true to BMW we wanted every part to stay BMW. The back half of the chassis was cut out and was back halfed from the B pillar back.  From there we cut the roof off and welded in a full roll cage. This later would help painting the roll cage and underside of the roof. Custom brakes, caliper mounts, calipers, coil overs, fuel system were made to support our application and dream. After everything was made and fitted to the bare chassis the decision came to what color to paint the E30. We all knew it had to be BPC Blue. After the custom paint was mixed and test panels sprayed we knew we were getting closer to completing our first and most favorite project. For the interior we had the interior and underside painted Dove grey. To this day this is one of the most recognizable cars at the track and car show.