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Prepare Your BMW For Race Day


There is no feeling quite like waking up on the morning of race day. Adrenaline starts pumping as soon as you arrive at the track; however, a large amount of preparation must be put forth before a successful race can be achieved. There is much to assess before the car can be considered ready, from basics like tires and fluid levels to suspension and weight, everything must be checked and then rechecked to ensure all systems are functioning properly. Below is a list of areas that must be considered.


Tires are an essential component of any car, and a race car is no exception to that. It is important to ensure that the tires’ tread is sufficient for a long day of racing. If the racer has mounted new tires on the car, then tread will not be an issue. However, this step is imperative if the tires have been used previously. Regardless of the age or wear of the tires, the air pressure must be correct. Too much or too little air pressure will cause inadequate performance during the race. 


Checking fluid levels before every race is a fundamental part of the sport. Fluids to be monitored are as follows:

  • Fuel
  • Motor Oil
  • Engine Coolants
  • Brake Fluid 
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Gear Oil
  • Windshield Cleaner
  • Engine Degreaser

If any of the above-mentioned fluid levels are inadequate, then bmw service may be required immediately to correct any fluid deficiencies. 


The suspension devices and settings on the car play a crucial role in the race car’s performance. Suspension designs work in different ways, so the driver must be comfortable with the way the car handles on the track. Having the right suspension setup will eliminate feeling bumps and such on the track while also allowing the driver maximum control in both turns and straightaways. Taking the time to evaluate the suspension of the car well before a big event could be what wins the race.


Brake components have a tendency to wear down quickly, so they must be checked before every race. The heat from the racing is savage to brake pads and rotors. Brake pads wear down quickly with the heat but, luckily, are not an expensive item to replace. Rotors on BMW race cars are not designed to be resurfaced, they are meant to be replaced. If bad rotors are detected, it is time to put the car in the shop to replace them. 


The heavier the car, the slower it will be. Most often, reducing weight is a step completed well before race day. Eliminating things that are not necessary to the car’s performance but are causing weight issues should be dealt with while building or modifying the car. There are also times when upgrades and modifications to an existing race car may add excessive weight. The driver and crew must stay vigilant in keeping the weight of the car at a minimum. 

Safety Equipment and Roll Cages

Before race day, the car’s safety equipment and features must be thoroughly inspected to ensure perfection. Equipment such as helmets and other gear should be taken and inspected for cracks or tears. If the car has roll cages installed, the cage must be installed correctly. Incorrectly installed roll cages can cause more harm than protection in the case of a crash. 


A properly functioning exhaust system can add speed to the car. This extra amount of speed could be what the car needs to cross the finish line first, so ensuring that it is correct is crucial. Visiting our Raleigh bmw shop for exhaust components will safeguard against incorrect parts. This system increases the car’s performance and makes the car sound aggressive and fast. This alone can cause fellow competitors to be intimidated. 


A vital part of race day preparedness is the driver. Without the driver being prepared, the car alone will not win the race. A good night’s sleep helps make sure they do not have a foggy brain and are ready to race with a clear head. A healthy diet ensures that stomach issues will not be a factor on race day and provides the needed energy to race at the optimum level.

BMW racing is not just a hobby for most competitors. It is an everyday way of life. Taking time to make sure that the car is ready for race day is a top priority. By following the tips above, the driver and crew are sure to be at the top of the podium every race.