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How To Choose Between Bavsound and Bimmertech For Your BMW


Technology has changed the way people listen to music. Gone are the days of scratchy songs on the radio fading in and out as you travel down the road. Drivers have access to many streaming platforms and benefit from satellite technology. They can always listen to their favorite songs regardless of where they go. However, the quality of the audio system in the vehicle plays a large role in their enjoyment. 

When people visit the Bimmer Performance Center, they often question whether they should choose a Bavsound or Bimmertech system. Each comes with advantages owners should know before making this decision. The following guide summarizes these benefits. 

Bavsound Systems

If you visit a Bavsound dealer and installer, you’ll find this system comes with multiple components. The Revenant pro amplifier is the first plug-and-play amplifier that works with the premium audio systems found in BMW models today. An experienced installation team can install the amplifier in under an hour, so you enjoy high-quality sound right away. 

The team combines the Revenant amplifier with a Ghost under seat subwoofer upgrade to provide more bass. This remains the number-one request of drivers, and they can have it with the help of these plug-and-play subwoofers. These devices provide twice the output without affecting other elements of the music.

The third component found in this system is the Stage One speaker upgrade. Upgrading the speakers provides passengers with crystal-clear sound at an affordable price. People say they hear the music as the artist intended. 

Experts agree the Bavsound system is a wise investment, as it upgrades the audio system that came with the vehicle. They say it makes every trip enjoyable—even those that only take a few minutes. The system integrates with the existing audio components, and the team can remove the system when the time comes to upgrade the car. 

Users state the audio quality is that of 4K television sound. The improvement in system clarity is dramatic and is most noticeable when the volume hits 40 percent and higher. The sharp and powerful bass will impress drivers, as they can feel it in the seat, and distortion is no longer an issue. A person can adjust the equalizer as needed without worrying about the system’s ability to handle the increased default loads. 

Bimmertech Audio Systems

A few BMW drivers came together to create the Bimmertech audio system. They were making multimedia retrofits and didn’t want to exclude the audio. To do so, they chose to install the Premium Audio System, which was the first fully customized amplifier upgrade the world had ever seen. This amplifier was a huge success and led to the team looking to develop speakers to provide the optimal sound. 

When doing so, they created direct drop-in replacement speakers for newer BMWs to complete the system. The Alpha One speaker system has taken off since its debut. Visit a Bimmertech installer to hear this system and see why so many people love it. 

The first thing individuals notice when they see this system is the visual appeal of the speakers. Although this is cosmetic and will be hidden behind the speaker grill, the look definitely catches one’s attention. 

Turn the music on and you’ll discover what makes this system so popular. It delivers balance and clarity across the spectrum, as the speakers can easily handle more power than the stock speakers that came with the car. Each instrument in the music shines with the Bimmertech system. People say the sound coming from the system is complete and easy to listen to. 

Any owner who opted for a base model BMW model will notice a significant improvement in sound quality with the addition of the Alpha One speaker system. Combine this with the fully customized amplifier upgrade and the music experience is one you will never forget. 

Every driver must determine what they want in their sound system. What works for one person might not be suitable for another. Take the time to compare both systems to determine which best meets your needs. With the right audio system in your vehicle, you’ll find you want to spend more time behind the wheel. 

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