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Common Problems That Affect Your BMW’s Performance


Regardless of the age, there’s no question that BMWs are known for comfort, style, and performance. One of the factors that attributes to this is the amazing qualities and features they offer. While a BMW is a great vehicle, they also come with several complications. Keep reading to learn about some of the typical issues with BMWs, which will also let an owner know when it is time to call for BMW service or BMW repair.

Issues with the Engine Cooling System

One of the most common issues with BMW vehicles is that they overheat. If this happens, getting the car to a shop is a must. While there are several factors that may contribute to an overheating problem, which includes an issue with the water pump, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a coolant leak, a professional and certified technician can get to the bottom of the issue and recommend the repair needed.

Oil Leaks

If a BMW owner notices a small (or large) puddle of oil beneath their vehicle, or if they smell burning oil when they are driving, it is a problem. This is a sign that the BMW is dealing with an oil leak. There are several things that may cause this issue. Some of them include a leaky valve cover gasket or an oil seal that is failing.

A Steering Wheel That Vibrates During Braking

With the BMW 3 series, one of the most common issues that occur is vibrations of the steering wheel. If someone notices a vibration or shaking sensation when braking, there is likely a problem with one of the suspension bushing. With these components, which are made of rubber, when they fail, serious vibrations may occur. It is important to note that rubber units are considered an essential component of the suspension system. They have been recorded as having a tendency to fail at the 75K mark.

Issues with the Tail Lamp Assembly

If the BMW is dealing with a faulty tail lamp, it can result in a message stating “check rear lamp or brake lamp” on the dash. If there is a bad bulb connection on the circuit board for the tail lamp, it may be caused by corrosion. This is something that may trigger the component to malfunction.

A Faulty Coolant System

The BMW’s coolant system is a crucial part of the vehicle. It has the job of making sure the engine remains at the right temperature. It also keeps it from overheating.

However, the coolant system that is in modern BMW vehicles can fail. That type of problem may also result in the driver leaving the car abandoned on the side of the road if they are not fully prepared for the issue.

There are more than a few parts that make up the coolant system for the BMW. Each of these components has the tendency to fail once someone reaches 80K to 120K miles. Proper and regular servicing is going to be a smart preventative measure and is going to help BMW owners save quite a bit of money on the needed repairs.

Electric Windows That Do Not Shut

In many BMWs, the coolant system will fail. However, there is an issue that may be seen inside the vehicle, too. The electric windows in a BMW can and do break down often. This results in the windows remaining open. This is an issue that results in comfort problems, but it can also create security issues. After all, if someone is unable to close the windows in their vehicle, it will make everything inside vulnerable to theft.

It is also important to remember that BMWs have been ranked as a vehicle that is most commonly stolen. As a result, if windows will not close, it is essential that this problem be fixed as quickly as possible.

Issues with the Heater Core

The coolant system in BMWs, along with the heater core, are very closely related. As a result, it is not very surprising that issues may arise. Issues with the internal heating system can cause serious comfort problems for the car’s occupants. As a result, it is a good idea to call the professionals when problems are seen.

Don’t let issues with a BMW cause problems. Be sure to get to a mechanic as soon as possible to ensure the desired results are achieved. This is going to prevent problems with this high-end vehicle and ensure it continues to run as expected when expected.