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BMW Feature Coding

Bimmer Performance Center is able to provide custom coding services for various elements of your BMW. BMW feature coding includes car access, HVAC controls, navigation, and more. All features available can be enabled on all models! Continue reading below or contact us for more information.

BMW Feature Coding Includes:

  • Car Access
  • iDrive, Nav, and Radio
  • Instrument Cluster
  • Exterior Lighting
  • HVAC Controls
  • HUD

Car Access

  • Enable key fob to roll up windows (folding mirrors option if available)
  • Enable unfold mirrors when the driver’s door is opened
  • Open / Close Convertible top via key fob
  • Auto continue roll up / down windows on door open
  • One pull exit after ignition is off

iDrive, Nav, and Sound

  • Enable DVD while in motion -Enable all cameras in motion
  • Disable legal disclaimers
  • Disable door and seat belt warnings / gongs
  • Enable tire temperature / psi
  • Enable access to M drive menus
  • Show horsepower / torque
  • Ringtone transfer from your cell
  • Enable iPod connections
  • Change iDrive voice to British English or any language
  • Enable full text lines in office while driving
  • Enable speech input for E-mail or SMS

Instrument Cluster

  • Enable digital speed
  • Enable true car speed (by default BMW set your speed 5 mph slow)
  • Enable instant MPG, real-time MPG readings
  • Change your fuel warning light to a lower level

Exterior Lighting

  • Disable iDrive error message after installing LED lights
  • Enable High-Beam Assistant “anti-dazzle headlights”
  • Turn off amber side markers next to headlight
  • Turn off amber side markers on side view mirrors
  • Enable euro blinkers
  • Enable M hard brake lights
  • Disable daytime running lights
  • Change which set of lights to be on when DRL is in use
  • Adjust brightness levels

HVAC Controls

  • Remember last state / setting


  • M drive rpm display
  • Turn signals
  • More navigation info displayed
  • This is a small example of the features we can enable, contact us to setup an appointment today

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